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Did you wash your makeup brushes today?
Here are three ways to keep your bristles beautiful
THere's an Online Dollar Beauty Store Yall! 
This is the movement we've been waiting for.


5 coloring books for women of color
You're welcome
5 art installations to see this summer
From east to west, these exhibits will take your breath away.
Ladies, these podcasts are for you. 
because reality shows are so dead.

Boss moves

#SHEDOESBOTH:this accountant will get your life and finances together
Rule Number 1: Though Shall Get Her Money
So you wanna work from home?Here's how
Learn key tips you'll need to stay same if you're about this work-from-home life.

Let's Get It

Available in black and white.
Be ur self boyfriend tee
Everyone else is taken.
the "dont" muscle tee
There's beauty in authenticity.